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  1. Small ceramic heart button necklace

    Small ceramic heart button necklace

    Pretty little ceramic heart button necklace Learn More
  2. Floral patterned ceramic heart necklace

    Floral patterned ceramic heart necklace

    Pretty floral patterned large heart ceramic necklace Learn More
  3. Button necklace

    Button necklace

    Eye catching statement button necklace Learn More
  4. Plain colours button earrings

    Plain colours button earrings

    Pretty and colourful button earrings Learn More
  5. Stacked button necklace

    Stacked button necklace

    Three different sized size buttons stacked to form the pendant Learn More
  6. Button charm bracelet

    Button charm bracelet

    Eye-catching, colourful charm button bracelet Learn More
  7. Button charm necklace

    Button charm necklace

    Eye-catching, colourful charm button necklace - made from all shapes and sizes Learn More
  8. Polka dot button earrings

    Polka dot button earrings

    Cute and colourful polka dot button earrings Learn More
  9. Shell button necklace

    Shell button necklace

    Stunning, colourful shell button necklace Learn More
  10. Shell button earrings

    Shell button earrings

    Colourful and glossy shell button earrings Learn More